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We helped Stylist write to its readers daily.

Stylist newsletter la List


Newsletters have become the new medias’ darling: not only because they foster an intimate and continuous bound with the reader but because they are the perfect format in which to do native advertising. As a pop, trendy weekly magazine handed out for free on the streets, Stylist, used to not having any subscribers, was tempted to create its own.


From news to fashion, there are thousands of newsletters out there, delivering original and high-quality content. So, how do you build a newsletter that engages Stylist’s versatile readers, a single click away from the ‘Unsubscribe’ button?

Stylist newsletter la List


We created and hosted a series of 4 creative workshops, bringing together the magazine’s editorial and marketing teams, as well as an art director, in order to collectively design its new media outlet. The co-creation process gave birth to La LIST, a daily list mixing fashion, beauty, and entertainment with thought-provoking features all wrapped up in a pop-culture-inspired visual identity.

Stylist newsletter la List


The ambition of the workshop was to create an original format in terms of content, ergonomics, graphic design, periodicity and tone of voice.

The first step was to ask participants to think about Stylist as a brand, to define its DNA, values and cultural territories, and characterize its readers through personas. This step led the group to imagine the type of contents that would truly engage the right readers.

Stylist newsletter the List

Stylist newsletter the List

After being presented a comprehensive benchmark and identified best practices, the second step required participants to define the newsletter’s editorial approach, including titles, timing, and email subject lines.

Stylist newsletter the List

Stylist newsletter the List

This step ended with work done on the information architecture and ergonomics with prototypes mapped out on paper. Then, we produced digital models, based on the workshop detailed reportings and real editorial content from the journalists.

Stylist newsletter the List

Lastly, two user tests, each comprised of a group of a dozen readers, helped identify the strengths and weaknesses of the co-created newsletter, and improve its overall content and design.

Key facts


of Stylist readers are 25-45 years old


of readers never read feminine press

40 000

subscribers between april and december