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For the opening of a new boutique hotel in Paris, we created a brand identity both versatile and bohemian across every channel.

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With its positioning both accessible and exclusive, the Hotel Henriette wanted to become the very epitome of a luxury that is cool and playful. Its identity needed to express the hotel’s ambition: to always renew the guest experience, thanks to thirty-two individually designed bedrooms and an utterly unique and beguiling interior designed by Vanessa Scoffier. How could we embody the multiple experiences the hotel offers, we a single brand identity?

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We created a versatile and bohemian brand identity that changes, evolves, morphs according to the other elements of the hotel’s design. From the mosaic floors, to the painted walls, postcards, tote bags, business cards and guest handbooks, Henriette’s identity can be felt throughout the place, without ever repeating or imposing itself. Since it caters to a connected public, the Hotel Henriette’s identity can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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Credits : Hervé Goluza

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