Matter of Fact is a creative studio blending pop culture and innovation to produce ideas for brands, institutions and media.

Its mission is to generate ideas that will develop our client’s cultural dimension and allow for rich and positive interactions with their publics. These ideas can take the form of cultural contents, services or experiences, and are designed to encourage their reach and re-appropriation.

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The name of the studio combines the three pillars of its philosophy: Matter of Fact values the ‘facts’, the ‘craft’, and sees itself like a ‘Factory’.

The facts

Founded by two strategic planners and an art director, Matter of Fact begins each project by studying the facts, data and users behavior, in order to identify the problem to solve and the most potent insight, to then develop a solution built on a user-centric approach.

The craft

Obsessed with technology and the maker culture, Matter of Fact turns ideas into both digital and physical objects. Each project follows an iterative process allowing us to design relevant mechanics, test different shapes, and improve the overall experience.

The factory

Inspired by the Factory – a porous social space blending different cultures – the studio is an open platform built to gather different disciplines, forms of creativity and talents, with the aim of creating pop cultural artefacts.


Matter of Fact believes that the digital world we live in has made the Internet into more than a simple media but the new paradigm. As a result, all ideas and efforts must be media neutral, working across and engaging seamlessly with the different touchpoints.

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Pierrine Etienne
Pierrine Etienne

Pierrine Etienne

Strategy director

As a strategic planner having worked in such agencies as BBDO, Razorfish or Publicis, Pierrine has always drawn together brand and digital culture in her approach to planning. A Graduate from CELSA, the Sorbonne’s Graduate School in Information and Communication Sciences, she has developed a passion for the spread of ideas. She loves to navigate between brand platforms and digital ecosystems, and her obsession for innovation and technology has led her to learn everything there is about information architecture and interface design. When she is not in front of a screen, Pierrine can be seen teaching UX design at the Communication School of Sciences Po, or Branding at Gobelins.

Références :

AFP, Arte Radio, International Herald Tribune Football, Slate - Lancôme, Laurent Perrier - Adidas, ING Direct

Nathanael Este-Klein
Nathanael Este-Klein

Nathanaël Este-Klein

Creative Director

A Graduate of CELSA, the Sorbonne’s Graduate School in Information and Communication Sciences, Nathanaël has worked as a creative planner at agencies such as Enjoy, Duke and Publicis 133, and for cultural institutions such as Beaux Arts Magazine and the Pompidou Center. These various experiences have developed his taste for creation in all its forms. Three years spent in the luxury market led him to make connections between communication and art. A digital obsessive, Contemporary Art enthusiast and music addict, Nathanaël seeks to live in a world in which brands bring more to culture than they borrow from it, and collects GIF like he would real pieces of art.

Références :

Cartier, Club Med, L'Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Nike Sportswear, Nissan, Persol

Enora Denis
Enora Denis

Énora Denis

Art Director

Graphic designer, illustrator and art director, Enora freely explores the realm of visual creation, showing strong interest for brand identity, publishing, and digital culture. A Graduate of ECV – School of Visual Communication – she developed her talent as a graphic designer in digital creative shops, where she learnt how to jump from print to web effortlessly. She is also a co-founder of the “Matière Primaire” collective and “Nichons-nous dans l’Internet”, a magazine whose aim is to print the Internet before it ends. Through a parallel activity, Enora likes to explore such themes as political staging, sexism imagery, consumerist culture and everyday objects.

Références :

Arte, France Culture, Hachette, Mediapart, Rue 89, Le Sénat, Stylist


Pictures have been made by Estelle Poulalion.